Cross country skiing - lake Lipno resort

From Villa Victoria you can go straight on the
cross country tracks.

From our house there are over 40km of tracks
and in local area there 100's KM's

When the lake is frozen the village makes a track
on the lake, which is great if you do not like cross
country up and down slopes.

You can hire the skiing equipment you need in
the village hire shop if you do not have your own
or want to try this sport for the first time.

We have much more info in Villa Victoria.
Enjoying cross country skiing on tracks than start
and runs near Villa Victoria (approx 20m)
Cross-country route
Červená = RED
10 km
Bílá = WHITE
5 km
Frymburská = 'FRYMBURK'
10 km
Zelená = GREEN
4 km
Bruslařská - ICE-SKATING
11 km
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